Luxurious Private Air Charter

Customers desiring domestic and international charter flights must place a tremendous amount of trust in the company and crew responsible for their safety and comfort. Take advantage of TISMA's reputation for hands-on guidance for the unique needs of charter clients around the world.


Pretty much anywhere! TISMA is certified for air charter operations worldwide, with extensive experience operating to over 60 countries on six continents. Let our professional and experienced crew take you where you want to go in luxury.


24/7/365. Private air charter means you go where you want, when you want. In-flight, comfortable berthing capability means you can arrive at your international destinations fresh and alert for business or pleasure.

Obtaining a TISMA Charter Quote

TISMA prides itself on providing highly personalized services to all of its clients. Other company's website charter quotes almost never correlate to the final bill. Your unique travel needs can only be addressed by letting TISMA analyze your trip by calling our charter department for an accurate, person to person quote today.

Looking to schedule a flight? Contact TISMA today.

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