Aircraft Management

TISMA provides complete management services to initiate and maintain all aspects of aircraft asset control and operations for the benefit of owners including, but not limited to, the following general services; placing of aircraft on TISMA’s FAR 135 Air Carrier Operating Certificate number T7IA357H; employment and supervision of all management, administrative, flight and maintenance personnel; performance and supervision of all aircraft maintenance, continued certification eligibility and airworthiness; payment of all aircraft related expenses and the accurate, timely and transparent accounting thereof for reimbursement; if charter operations are desired, income distribution.

Aircraft Services

· FAA / ICAO / JAA Compliance ·
· 135 Compliance & Operations Specifications* ·
· Airframe / Engine ·
· Avionics / Equipment ·
· Logbooks / Records ·

Domicile Services

· Local / State Licensing Requirements ·
· Hangar / Parking Arrangements ·
· Leasing / Storage Arrangements ·
· Avionics / Equipment ·
· Customer Specific Outfitting / Amenities ·

Aircraft Maintenance

TISMA's Maintenance department arranges for and/or conducts pre-acquisition consultation and supervision of pre-buy inspections; outfitting and upgrades;  scheduled and unscheduled inspections, maintenance, preventive maintenance, servicing, repair, overhaul and testing in accordance with Manufacturer's Recommended Inspection Program, Service Bulletins, AD’s and MEL’s; correction of operational discrepancies, startup organization of records, ongoing record keeping, RVSM, NAT HLA, RNP, CPDLC, ADS, RCP/RSP, FANS (as applicable) certification, maintenance of SATCOM, Airshow, FlightPhone, Internet/WiFi, Avionics and AFIS/Datalink contracts, etc.

Maintenance Administration

· Aircraft Documents, Logs and Records ·
· Aicraft Inspection Program ·
· Development and Implementation of MEL’s ·
· FAR 135 Compliant Maintenance Recordkeeping* ·
· In-house Computerized Maintenance Tracking (AIS) ·
· Tools and Test Equipment Calibration Records ·
· Contract Maintenance Facilities Audit ·

Flight Operations Administration

· FAR 135 Air Carrier Certification* ·
· FAR 135 Records Management* ·
· International Air Carrier Permits & Licenses ·
· TSA & International Security Certifications ·
· TSA / FAA / State Department Security Directives ·
· NBAA / GWBAA Trade Organization Membership ·
· International Navigation & Operations ·
· TSA & Customs Overflight Permits ·

General Aircraft Administration

TISMA offers complete aircraft maintenance and charter administration services through our extensive experience and highly trained staff based in Dulles, VA, just outside Washington, DC. TISMA is a fully certified and accredited aircraft charter service with a full time office staff that provides general aviation services including but not limited to; trip coordination and dispatch, ground transportation and accommodations, international trip coordination, crew travel and accommodations, aircraft scheduling, flight crew and personnel hiring and training, fleet fuel discount programs, accounting services, security protocols and much more.

Personnel Services

· FAR 135 Management Personnel* ·
· Director of Operations ·
· Chief and Co-Pilot ·
· Director of Maintenance ·
· Flight Crew ·

Training Services

· Pilot Initial / 6 Month Recurrent Aircraft ·
· Flight Attendant Initial / Annual Recurrent ·
· Maintenance Technician Initial / Recurrent ·
· Pilot International Procedures / Annual Recurrent ·
· TSA Crew Ground / In-Flight Security Coordinator ·

* If required

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